What Is Vlogging?: Things You Need to Know About Vlogging

What Is Vlogging? Things You Need to Know About Vlogging

What Is Vlogging?

Are you familiar with ‘blog’ and ‘blogging’? This article is an example of a blog. Most blogs are written contents that discuss a topic. Vlogging, or known as video blogs, is another form of engaging with an online audience and building social followers. This can also be a means to send out your message for everyone to hear and see via the means of a video (compared to as written content).

What is a vlog?

What Is Vlogging

A vlog or video blog is a new way of interacting with the people around us and online as a kind of blog where the content is in video format. A vlog is creating a video where you talk and share about a particular topic. It can be about your travels, a product review, an event or a discussion on how you can help your followers and viewers. Most topics can become vlogs; it can be a way to convey a message or a way to show your artistic and creative side.

How Vlogging Started

In the early years of the internet, vlogging wasn’t very well known or popular. Although people recorded videos and uploaded them, it was in 2004 when vlogging has increased its popularity especially among teens and young adults. During this time, YouTube has become popular and has become a “playground” to young and aspiring influencers.

The term vlogging had not yet become popular at this time. It was often referred to as the “video uploaded” or usually pre-recorded. Most of the vlogs that were recorded during this time are about pranks or music, as an example. But as the years went by and technology and the internet also evolved, the way people recorded and created their videos also evolved.

Today, vlogging is not only found on YouTube but can be found on other platforms as well. Previously, videos were (and still are) pre-recorded. Today, vloggers can also go live wherever they are and promote or discuss their topic.

In this modern time, vlogging has become an important part of the social life of the influencers, entertainers and even entrepreneurs. Vlogging can connect one person to millions of people through their videos.

Who can do vlogging?

What Is Vlogging

The world of vlogging is open to everyone. Anyone can start to record a video, upload it and promote it for everyone to watch. Just be sure to check the platform’s terms, regulations and conditions before uploading a video. Business owners of big companies utilize vlogging as a means to reach their customers and discreetly pitch their products. Sometimes, they also have influencers review their products or services.

Some of those who vlog are influencers or mainly known as Social Media Influencers. They are people who “influence” their followers through the products they review and use. Clearly, the internet and technology have reached farther because of vlogging.

Those who are just starting a business can use vlogging to promote, sell, endorse and pitch their products and services. It is a good way to engage as you don’t have to repeat yourself. Some vlog just because it is a hobby and they enjoy it in their free time; not to monetize, but just to bring joy or share about their everyday lives.

A vlog is a new way to interact and send a message. Also, a vlog is just a modern term for video recording. The basics of vlogging are reasonably easy, and you can even monetize it.



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  1. Interesting article about a term that is not well understood. Vlogging is experiencing increasing success rates because most people would prefer a video than to keep reading lengthy texts, especially when the video is interesting. And they can also share it to their friends. So, vlog is a great tool to consider for my online business. Do you know any software that can make editing and making videos easier? Thanks.

  2. WOW I never knew vlog actually started all the way back in the early 2000’s, I thought it only became popular in the 2010’s. 

    I’ve just started my own website and I’m definitely considering using YouTube as one of the ways to promote my business. Thank all these smart people for technology, they make our lives so much easier.

    Thanks for sharing this, keep up the good work!

  3. You’ve done well by expatiating what a vlog is really about. Social media influencers uses to pass across information  and to promote their products. Its good that you made the difference between a blog and a vlog clear now because I had an experience with my neighbor, she argued that theirs no difference between the two, I’ll make sure I get this article across to her. This is nice one. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for sharing Edith. I knew about this practice since I started my activity in WA but I didn’t know what it’s called. I’m at the beginning, but I would like to try the Vlogging. Can you give me some tips to get started?

    All the best to you.

  5. Blogging is the new cool. They say that a picture can communicate a thousand words but a video can speak volumes in millions. As such, it can communicate much more better than words. Going by statistics, most people just want to get the information in a more pleasing manner and in a fast medium without having to go through the rigours of reading a thousand words. So, blogging is definitely a good way for bloggers to consider now. Cheers


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