Tips on How to Make Money While Homeschooling Your Children

Tips on How to Make Money While Homeschooling Your Children

Many parents are homeschooling their children and homeschooling can take a lot of time from the parents, especially the mothers. But even though these moms mostly spend their time at home with their kids, they can still earn a living.

This article will give you some tips and ways on how to make money while homeschooling your children.

How to Make Money While Homeschooling

Having children homeschooled does not necessarily mean that the parent can no longer work.

Parents can use this to their advantage where moms, who have their kids homeschooled, can still earn money and look after their kids at the same time.

Also, it is an advantage for kids who experience separation anxiety whenever their moms are not with them.

To be homeschooled and be a homeschooling mom is a wonderful choice and opportunity for both children and parents.

First, let us consider the basics you need to know if you want to earn money while you are homeschooling your kids.

  • Think of a long term interest. If you want to earn money, it is better to start with something that you really love to do. If you love making handmade crafts, then maybe you can sell them online.
  • Decide on how much time you want to devote to earning money. If you are a hands-on Mom, then you should make a schedule on how you will balance your time homeschooling your kids and your time doing business. If you have an online store, you must plan on how to manage your business in advance, i.e. when your kids are asleep or when they are out playing in the afternoons.How to Make Money While Homeschooling
  • Get your kids involved in your business if you feel this is suitable.
    Since your kids and you are all at home together, consider involving your children in your business, whether they help you with some of the procedures, with packing or putting mailing labels on parcels to be posted.
    The more they are involved, the more they will understand what you are doing and it will also teach them valuable knowledge for the future. What is important is the positive connection between you as a parent and your kids.
  • Be prepared to spend some money. Every business can be a risk and an investment, so you need to expect that you have to spend a small amount of money to get started.

The basics of starting to earn at home are simple. It’s the same basics whether you are homeschooling or not. So now we proceed to different ways on how you can earn money at home.

1. Start a Blog

How to Make Money While Homeschooling

If you are a writer or someone who likes writing and sharing knowledge, you can start your own blog.

There are platforms that you can use to write your blogs and some of them are free to use. Of course, WordPress is always there waiting to be utilized if you are considering to have a blog site.

When you homeschool your children, you can use this experience to write blogs. You can share on your blogs how it is to be a working mom while homeschooling your kids.

There are other mothers who are also in need of insights on what they will experience if they work from home while homeschooling their kids. Usually, the blogs that are based on your own personal journey are the best ones to read because a lot of readers can relate to them.

You can also write about your way of homeschooling, the way you teach your children, share your teaching ideas on your blog with your followers and post about your daily homeschooling experiences and successes.
There are some very popular homeschooling moms running successful blogs online.

My suggestion is to start a blog on Wealthy Affiliate, which is not only a hosting platform but also a training platform and wonderful community of over 1.6 million members that are happy to help.

It is free to get started on Wealthy Affiliate (all you need is an email address), so there is no risk in giving it a try.

Wealthy Affiliate offers training in several ways that you can monetize a blog, the main one is affiliate marketing, i.e. writing a blog about homeschooling equipment and if someone you refer to the company makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you get a commission from that sale.

But as said, there are other ways you monetize a blog and I encourage you to check them out. Click here to read my review about Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Resell Items

How to Make Money While Homeschooling

If you have a lot of things in your home that you want to let go of, there is no better way than reselling them.

It’s a win-win situation. You declutter your home, let go of the not needed things and at the same time you’ll earn money.

Many other people would want to buy other people’s beloved things. It’s not only because it’s cheaper than brand new, but sometimes because there is a need for them to use some of the parts of the items.

There are lots of platforms available where you can sell your items from home. I suggest to check out which platform is the most common one in the area you live.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

If your kids are homeschooled and someone is teaching them, you can start making money by becoming a Virtual Assistant. There is a variety of work available as a Virtual Assistant, so see which one works best for you.

4. Sell Your Home Cooked Meals

How to Make Money While Homeschooling

If you love cooking, and if you can manage to squeeze it into your schedule, then it’s a good way to earn extra money.

You can offer your food to your friends and neighbours and sell your meals to them.

You can also post your home cooked meals on your social media accounts and if you have a blog site, you can promote your products there as well.

Check with your local authorities of whether there are any procedures or policies in place that you might have to follow, i.e. getting a permit to sell food.

There is no limit in reaching your customers; you only need to balance making money and teaching your kids at home. And I am sure your kids would like to get involved, too!

5. Become a Web Designer

If you are a tech-savvy parent and you love designing websites, you can start your own website design service. Many businesses still seek the help of professionals to design their website for them and it’s a good way to earn money from home.

6. Become a Consultant

If you are a professional of a specific field, you can become a consultant. Consultancy can gain a huge amount of money and many businesses and entrepreneurs are seeking the help of consultants.

If you can manage your time efficiently, you can do both things together, homeschooling your kids and becoming an online consultant.

There are also consultants on an ‘as needed’ basis which can offer you a bit more flexibility. The good thing with online consultancy is that you can work from home or you can work outside your home, i.e. when you are traveling a lot as a family. All you need is an internet connection.

Homeschooling your kids is a wonderful choice to raise your children and should always give you the opportunity to earn money as a parent. It is an amazing way to be more connected with your kids, and your relationship becoming stronger.



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  1. Hello there, I actually quit my job just to have some time with my kids and follow up with their development. I don’t regret my action but I am actually getting bored at home and aside getting the money I want to keep myself busy. I am impressed with these suggestions you’ve given here. I’ll open a blog as you’ve suggested. Any suggestion on what niche would be profitable?

    • Hi Chloe,

      wonderful to hear that you are homeschooling your children and are able to spend so much valuable time with them. In regards to your question, my suggestion is to read this post

      Earning Money From A List of Niche Ideas

      I hope this will help you in finding the right niche for you.

      If you are looking for training and hosting for your blogging website, I suggest to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

      You can go through their first 10 lessons for free and see whether the platform is right for you. You would have your own website (on a free siterubix domain) up and running by then; and if you don’t like it, you can always close you account. But I encourage you to check them out as they offer many benefits, training, hosting and support for a blogging career.

      And please let me know if you have any questions.


  2. Good and informative article about an interesting topic. In this money make online industry there are lots of scams and all kinds of suspicious sites and offers available. It makes this kind of sites offering honest, trustful and good tips about earning money from home, even more important. I have been reselling items and it was a pretty good way but I found blogging as best for me. 

    • Hi Jesse,

      I appreciate your comment and feedback. Thank you! And glad to hear about your successful blogging.

      All the best,


  3. Oh! This comes in at just the right time. My wife just gave birth to our son and she had to quit her job so she can be a full time mom and homeschool our kid. Getting to see that there are a lot of opportunities online to which she can make income from is pleasing to know. I think she can do well with blogging since writing has never been a problem for her and definitely, I will suggest this to her. Hopefully she would find one that would suit her  better. I’m glad to see this post. Thanks.

    • Hi RoDarrick,

      Congratulations on the delivery of your baby son! That is exciting news.

      And I am glad to hear that this post has been helpful to you. If your wife is looking for ideas for a suitable niche for blogging for her, she might like to read this article:

      Earning Money From A List of Niche Ideas

      Again, congratulations and all the best,


  4. My sister has just given birth a few months ago, and she’s thinking of homeschooling her child. This is a very good thing, like you have said, and it’d give her the chance to focus on the development of her child but she’ll be needing to work. I think she’ll be very good at reselling stuffs or maybe even blogging. I believe that these are effective ways for her to make money online. Thank you for the hint, I’ll share this post with her and hopefully, she’ll have preference here.

    • Hi Henderson,

      congratulations on the delivery of your sister’s child.

      Thank you for sharing this post with her. I am glad this is beneficial to you and your sister.

      All the best,



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