Tips on How to Earn Money With Blogging

Tips on How to Earn Money With Blogging

Blogging – it may sound simple. You choose a topic, write about the topic and post it to your website. But unfortunately, it does not end there. If you have a blog site and you intend to make money from it, you need to be willing to learn the ins and outs of how to earn money with blogging.

Having a blog site is not an easy thing to do. You need to consider a lot of things to ensure that your page will be successful and profitable. It is not a guarantee that having a blog site is enough to help you earn a passive income. You need to do more than just writing.

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How to Earn Money With Blogging

Many people are curious about how to make money with blogging. Not everyone is successful with their blog sites. There are other bloggers who are not earning a lot from their blogs. There are mistakes made and some are irreversible that it affects the whole blog site and the audience is not coming back

But for those who are successful and are earning a lot of money through blogging, it did not happen overnight as it takes a lot of patience and hard work for them to reach what they have achieved. It takes a lot of courage to take the risks and the possibility that your blog site may not have a lot of audiences compared to your competition. The success of your blogs depends on you, how you will take it to the next level and bring it beyond what you expect.

If you are a beginner in blogging, you are most likely to commit common mistakes. Even entrepreneurs who are already making money by blogging still commit these mistakes at times and are unaware that what they are doing can either make or break their blogs.

Avoid these common mistakes when you are blogging:

1. Your ideas are only the ones that interest you.

If you are writing a blog, your ideas cannot be of your interest alone. Remember that you wrote your blog to reach an audience and help them. If you are focusing only on self-interest, you should be writing a diary or a journal and not a blog. Market research is very important in the early stages of planning and building a business to see which niches / interests are profitable and viable to pursue.

2. You write like it’s a technical paper.

How to Earn Money With Blogging

If you want to be a successful blogger, the way you communicate with your audience needs to be in a friendly tone. Write your blogs as if you are talking to another person. This is important and you need to be friendly and accommodating so that your audience will return for more of your content. Make it interesting because your readers don’t want to read a technical paper, but rather an interesting piece of content that is entertaining and informative at the same time. You would want to keep your audience engaged to keep reading and return to your blog.

3. Don’t talk about yourself, talk about the topic.

When you are a beginner in blogging, nobody is interested in you or your history or life story. People will visit your blog to check what you have that can help them. So it’s best to write a blog focusing on a topic and give solutions. When you made a name and you have a consistent list of followers and audience, then it is the time that you have won their attention and can start introducing yourself to your audience. It can also help you to be closer to your audience.

Avoid these mistakes and remember these tips that I will be sharing with you. These are some of the aspects that you need to consider if you want to monetize your blog/s.

1. Create Interesting and Engaging Content

As I mentioned above, your content is not focus on yourself or your experiences alone. You can do it later when you have consistent followers. As a beginner, you should focus on creating interesting content that will give a solution to your readers and audiences’ problems. Your content should not be broad, but specific. You readers want a specific solution to their problems. Creating content for a broad topic can become uninteresting and monotonous. Always remember that you are offering a solution to a specific problem and not a solution to everything all at once.

2. Promote Your Blog Site

How can you reach your prospect audience and readers? You need to promote your blog site. As a beginner in blogging, your blog site will not reach the top just yet. You need to do the hard work first and that is by promoting your blog. You can do this by posting your content links to your social media account or your email list. You can post your content in any relevant places on the internet and let people know of what you can offer in your blog posts.

3. Learn about SEO and Implement it

How to Earn Money With Blogging

Take the time to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and implement it. SEO will help you to get free traffic to your site which goes in line with ‘promoting your blog site’ above. You always have the option to pay for traffic but you need to know how to do it right, otherwise you could lose a lot of money, which no one wants, especially when you are just starting out. Using SEO to increase free traffic not just only saves you money but can also be a powerful tool to drastically increase traffic to your blog.

4. Post Regularly

This, again, goes in line with the above tips. If you intend to make money with blogging, you need to be prepared to post regularly. The more often you post, the more likely you will be getting traffic to your website which increases the chance to earn an income through your site. Some bloggers post once a week, some post 2-3 times a week, some publish a new blog post every day. As mentioned above, it is not just about writing as there are other things you would need to attend to when blogging and running a website, so try to set a schedule that figures all of that in.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the basics of monetizing your blog contents: affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you will include affiliate links in your content to help promote other companies’ products and services. You can earn by commission based on the advertisers’ product sales. The advertiser will be able to track if a sale was made from clicking their link from your content. You can also find more than one partner to do affiliate marketing with.

6. Sell Products Online

How to Earn Money With Blogging

If you are not only into blogging, you can also sell products online through your blog. The same thing as affiliate marketing, you will have commissions from your advertisers or you can sell your own digital or physical products. If you have ebooks, crafts and other digital or physical products that you offer, you can use them to monetize your blog. It’s not only promotion of the page, but monetization and advertising your own blog content as well.

7. Offer Services

Your blog site is not only for written content; it can also be the basic means to promoting other services that you offer. If you have online courses or workshops, you can offer them on your blog. You can give an overview of your services so that your readers will have knowledge of what else is available other than immediate solutions to their problems.

Blogging is a good way to earn a passive income. It is one of the most basic ways to earn money online and most entrepreneurs have blogs. It is important; especially for digital marketers as the blog itself can earn passive income, and you can promote your products and services for free through your blogs.


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  1. When writing and article, always think about your audience. That is the most important beginning. When you do that, start to understand how the traffic works, and how to rank your site. Your guide is good, it will help a lot of people. So thanks a lot for sharing it! 

    • HI Emmanuel,

      that is right. And with that also comes niche / market research to define your audience and know what they are looking for.

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