Simple Steps on How to Create a Video for a Website

Simple Steps on How to Create a Video for a Website

If you have a business in today’s time, it is a necessity to have a website for your business. A website is important for you to easily reach out to your customers and prospective investors. Your website will contain the necessary information regarding your business and company; and also post updates of your business. A website is more attractive if you have videos on it.

Before we look into the basic steps on how to create a video for a website, let’s discuss why videos play an important role in your business.

Why is it important to have a video on your website?

Simple Steps on How to Create a Video for a Website

You may be asking why it is important to post videos for your business. It’s simple – to increase traffic and engagement and ultimately sales. When you own a website, you want your website to be more recognizable by your customers. Your blogs and the products you post can attract customers, but the addition of short videos will further increase traffic and engagement.

Though video, you can often explain better about your products and services and what your company is about. This strategy is called a video marketing strategy. Whenever you have a video on your website it is likely to attract more customers. You can deliver a message better and it’s attention-grabbing especially if you have the right materials.

A colourful video often attracts more people to visit your website; and more so, if your video is made including graphics. If your product involves some technical terms that are unimaginable when read, a video is one of the best ways to represent it.

It may not be a necessity for some businesses to have videos on their website, but here are reasons why you should consider adding some to yours.

1. It helps build trust.

When prospective customers visit a website, you can win them over if they start trusting your brand. Trust is the key for your business to generate sales. When a customer trusts your products and services, they will choose you among other competitors.

A well-made video that shows information and details about your business, products and/or services, ignites emotion from the customer that is more likely to convert to loyalty and eventually sales. It is another form of content in addition having a blog for your website.

2. Can provide testimonials.

Simple Steps on How to Create a Video for a Website

One way to convince a prospective customer is by testimonials of people who have availed the products and services of a business. Social proof can help build credibility of the business and gain the trust of new customers. You can have written testimonials, but video testimonials are often more authentic.

3. Helps demonstrate the product.

When your business is selling a product that needs to be assembled or has a specific method to operate, a video is the best way to show the procedure. You cannot always conduct a live demonstration of the products but you can always record and post a video; and your customers will eventually follow through. It’s an easier way to communicate with your customers and an easier way to give out instructions.

Anyone can get overwhelmed when you say that a video is necessary for a website. At first, it can be overwhelming to make videos for your business but you can always hire experts to do this for you. And if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, be encouraged to try to do it yourself.

If you plan to do the videos yourself, here are some basic steps to follow:

1. Identify the goal of your video.

Your website video is similar to a campaign video. You are campaigning for prospects to trust your brand and your products. Your campaign can have different goals. You can create a video that will encourage them to trust your brand. Or you can create a campaign that explains the business and the products. You can also create a testimonial video of your loyal customers to encourage more prospects to purchase from you and avail of your services.

Your video campaign needs to be goal-oriented. Without a goal, your video will have no essence.

2. Choose the right content.

Simple Steps on How to Create a Video for a Website

What is the right content? Your content needs be aligned with your goal. If your goal is to win the trust of your prospects, then the testimonials can be the content of that specific video. If your content is about your business and the products, it needs to contain the necessary information about the business and the products that you are selling. You cannot put all content into one video to cater to all the needs of your audience. Your audience would want to watch a video that is specific to their needs. You can make a longer video and cover several aspects within one video but remember to rather go for quality than quantity.

3. Have a structure and layout of the video in place before producing it.

Just like your website, your video also needs to have a proper structure and layout. Your video needs to be attractive and able to showcase every detail that you needed to give. Also, add necessary slides/sections to your video if applicable. Structure your videos and ensure your content is properly laid out so that it’s easily understood by your audience.

Consider adding an intro and outro to your videos and have the main part structured, too. Having your structure in place before creating a video is essential.

4. Optimize your video content while producing it.

Your video content also needs to be optimized. If you want to drive more traffic, optimization is necessary. SEO is not only applicable to blogs, but also to your videos. Optimized videos can help to increase the traffic of your website.

5. Promote your video on social media platforms.

Simple Steps on How to Create a Video for a Website

Once you have created your video and posted it on your website, create a link and promote your video through your social media posts. Not only can it help attract an audience, but it can also help to increase traffic and eventually conversions and sales.

Social media is becoming more and more important. And this includes YouTube. If you have posted the video directly to your website, I would suggest to also upload it to YouTube. If you have directly uploaded a video to YouTube (or other video platforms), it is recommended to also link them to your website and blog posts where your audience can choose to watch them on your site.

6. Update your videos from time to time.

Simple Steps on How to Create a Video for a Website

When you post video content on your website, make sure to update them once in a while. Be creative, think of ways on how you can attract a larger audience and any other ways you can grow your business.

Creating videos can be tricky when you are first starting out but it can also be fun once you get more confident and experienced. You can always have a professional do the videos for you (if your budget allows) but I suggest giving it a go yourself and remember to start off with the structure and layout of the video first.

A video marketing strategy is a proven strategy that can help to increase traffic and improve the ranking of a website.

Here is a link to a post covering some of the best video creating software including a couple of inexpensive options.

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