Profitable Online Business Ideas for Women

Profitable Online Business Ideas for Women

Women today are business-minded people. I think, gone are the days when women ‘just’ stay at home, care for the children, cook food and clean the house. When women stay at home today, they also engage with other things that keep them busier other than just clean the house.

Profitable Online Business Ideas for Women

Women are now starting to have businesses online, and this article is dedicated to sharing with you some of the profitable online business ideas for women.

A business is not only seen on the streets, neither is a physical business establishment needed. Businesses are flourishing online, too, and it’s not only for men to put up a business. Women are now involved in the business, marketing, and finance world, as well. In fact, there are plenty of female entrepreneurs who are dominating the online world. With a simple start of business ideas, any woman can have the business she wants to put up.

Here are some online business ideas that women can profit from:

1. Handmade Crafts

Profitable Online Business Ideas for Women

It is known to all that women are creative, especially when it comes to handmade crafts. Women can make things out of a paper, a thread or just about anything they find around the house. One of the thriving businesses in the online world is handmade crafts. There are websites that are solely dedicated to crafts made by hand. Anyone can sell from these online platforms and earn. You can sign up to these websites and sell their handmade crafts, vintage items or handmade jewelry. Surely this is one business idea that will keep a woman busy, creative and earning at the same time. If you are interested in selling your handmade crafts online, read my post here about ‘Where and How To Sell Handmade Crafts Online’ including an opportunity where you can start building your own website for free.

2. Jewelry Business

Profitable Online Business Ideas for Women

Apart from handmade crafts, women are also fond of making jewelry products such as bracelets, necklaces, and rings. One of the profitable business ideas that any woman can try is selling jewelry online. It does not have to be gemstone, gold or diamonds, but simple jewelry made of beads or other material can also be sold. Women, in particular, would love to wear handmade jewelry; not to mention that some fashion industries also invest in hand-crafted products.

As mentioned in number 1, I encourage you to read my post ‘Where and How To Sell Handmade Crafts Online’ if you are interested in starting to sell your own jewelry, either on online platforms or your own website.

3. Travel Agency

Profitable Online Business Ideas for Women

If you like traveling, why not consider starting a travel agency business? There are some travelers who want to go to places but are not sure which particular places to visit. As someone who loves traveling, you can help them by starting a travel agency. You can propose an itinerary for them where they can visit and enjoy their time. You don’t need to have a physical office for this type of business, but having one is helpful to prove credibility and existence. But having a travel agency can also be done online, and it would be less expensive for you and your clients to plan out their next trip.

4. Accountant and Accounting Services

Accountants are not only found in offices or accounting firms, but accountants can also work online. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who are looking for accountants who can manage their finances and do bookkeeping for them. This is a business where women can earn and have opportunities for ongoing professional development.

5. Yoga Trainer

Profitable Online Business Ideas for Women

For women who love yoga, you can share your expertise by becoming a yoga instructor. This is a good online and offline business idea because you are doing something that you love  and, at the same time, you are sharing your passion with other people. Not to mention that you are also earning from what you love doing. You can produce yoga training videos and sell them to your clients. You can also conduct a yoga training by advertising through your website and conducting yoga classes. Either way, you can utilize the internet in conducting yoga training while maintaining your health and wellness. If you are considering building your own yoga website, read my article here.

6. Freelance Writing or Blogging

Profitable Online Business Ideas for Women

Women are creative in general. Any woman who has a passion for writing can start a freelance writing business and earn from it. Freelance writing does not necessarily mean that you to have a degree in writing and journalism. If you are able to write valuable and compelling content, writing can be your form of business. There are lots of businesses who outsource writers for their blogs or companies who outsource get academic papers and technical papers written on their behalf.

You can also earn a passive income if you have a blog site of your own. Either way, freelance writing or blogging are good business ideas for women who want to work online. If this is an option for you, read these articles about freelance writing and blogging:

7. Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Profitable Online Business Ideas for Women

In today’s technology, there is no doubt that the digital business industry is dominating. There are plenty of advantages in having an online business, and affiliate marketing has become so popular that both men and women, even younger ones are venturing to it. For a woman who wants to start an online business, affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable options. Affiliate Marketing offers a diverse option of businesses / niches that you can start in. Check out my ‘Simple Guide on How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing’.

8. E-commerce

Profitable Online Business Ideas for Women

In line with number 7, e-commerce has also become very popular within the online world. It is not only about selling and buying, and you don’t necessarily have to have a big investment either. In fact, some e-commerce businesses can be started with zero investment and still have the potential to earn. There are plenty of options in e-commerce – you just need to find which one is best for you. If you are interested in starting an e-commerce store, why not read my article here that explains how you can build your own money making website.

9. Online Influencer

This might be another popular online business idea for both men and women. Being an online influencer means that you get to influence other people on what you do and what you use. Some online influencers are found on YouTube or they influence their audience through their blogs.

Other ideas

  • Online teaching
  • Translating
  • Resume writing
  • Consulting
  • Creating websites / web designing
  • Graphic designing
  • Vlogging
  • E-Book Writing

The internet is evolving every day. In the past, we found businesses in establishments or business capitals only. But today, businesses can start at the comfort of your home. You can still do business and provide the same service to your clients and customers wherever you are around the world. For women to have an online business means they can still earn and do their duties at home. It also gives women the opportunity to earn an income while they are able to spend more time with their children and family which is very important when children are growing up.

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments’ section below. Can you think of any other online business ideas for women? I would love to hear your thoughts and which journey you are considering venturing on!



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  1. A wonderful post Edith; I am now retired but still capable of work; but only online lol. My passion is cats, so I decided to make a site about cats. I had a completely different profession, but now I can satisfy my hobby; For over 33 years, cats have been growing and caring bme; I am currently 18.

    best regards


    • Hi Carmen,

      thank you for sharing your passion and the fact that you turned your hobby into passive income through blogging about cats. The niche ideas are endless and I am delighted to hear about your successful blogging venture.

      Again, thank you for sharing. All the best,


  2. This is a very real list and I think you are spot on with everything you have said here about the businesses women can go into that is really lucrative. I have worked as a free lancer and its a thing I do when I want to. Its just perfect and you get to decide which job you want to take and which not to. I also have a friend that deals in the sales of jewellery and she makes very good money. I think its true that technology has shaped the way money is made in our world now and women are taking advantage of it. Great list.

  3. Hi Edith, these are some great ideas that you have offered to women, this is amazing that you are trying to inspire women so that they can begin some work from home. To be honest with you, these are some of the easy to begin yet profitable ideas that if someone would like they can pursue these during their free time and generate some side income for them. Great work!

    • Hi LK,

      thank you for reading my post and leaving a comment! Yes, that is right; they can generate side income but they also have the potential to generate a long-term full time income online, as well.

      If you have time, I encourage you to read my Wealthy Affiliate review which is a training and hosting platform that helps people from all over the world achieve financial success online. The review includes a detailed explanation about the platform as well as information on their proven 4-step process to make money online.



  4. Hi, I had a look at your post regarding the creation of videos for a site. This really interests me. Perhaps you could also give some guidance in terms of lighting, editing software, camera and video length that is recommended? I suppose each niche would differ but what would you say is the main essence and most important message that the video should contain? Many thanks, Aaron

    • Hi Aaron,

      thank you for also reading some of my other posts. You might be interested in this article

      8 of the Best Video Creating Software for Beginners

      Thank you also for giving me ideas for possible future blog posts.

      Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question as I think it would depend on what you would like to achieve with a video, i.e. sharing your thoughts/opinion on a specific topic, trying to sell a product or simply sharing your travel experiences. I do believe that it is important to ensure that videos are of high quality, informative and engaging.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Wishing you all the best and enjoy creating videos!



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