Fun Ways on How to Make Money Online While Traveling the World

How to Make Money Online While Traveling the World


Travel – a word that excites everyone. I know you will agree with me when I say that traveling makes us feel better. Traveling is a form of stress relief and helps us to clear our minds. For some people who are in the business world, traveling is their means of meeting a possible investor or possible client or partner. Others travel to unwind and leave the stress of work at the office and discover other places. But did you know that we can still earn while we travel? There are different ways on how to make money online while traveling the world.

When we travel, we often worry because of finances. That is inevitable for most, especially those that depend on their payroll. But for those who have passive income or another source of income such as an online business, can still earn the same amount of money even when they are out vacationing in the other side of the world.

Here are some fun ways for you to earn while you travel the world.

1. Blogging

How to Make Money Online While Traveling the World

Blogging, as we know it, is one source of a passive income stream. All you need to have is a blog site, interesting content with SEO and a computer and internet connection. If you are a passionate writer and you love to share about your travels, you can blog about it. Many readers are interested in travel blogs because it gives them insights on places that they want to go to or are planning to go to. Travel blogs are a good source for reviews of places and countries. Blogging about the budget one needs to prepare before embarking on their own travels is another idea. Travel blogging is a fun way to visit places while you earn and pursue your passion. If this is an income stream you are considering, check out my review about Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn about blogging, setting up your own website and getting your questions answered by experts. Even better, it is free to get started and all you need is an email address.

2. Vlogging

How to Make Money Online While Traveling the World

Blogging may be a form of writing just about anything in the world; vlogging is the video version of it. Many teens are starting to vlog and the most famous place to post it on is YouTube. We all know that famous YouTubers earn a lot of money by posting their videos online for everyone to watch. With a huge number of social followers, thousands or millions of views, anywhere around the world you can earn a lot of money through vlogging. You can unwind, enjoy every second of your vacation and don’t forget to take a video and edit it. Post it on your YouTube channel for it to become trending and viral and you will have money coming into your bank account.

3. Work Remotely

One of the trending jobs today is remote jobs, or commonly known as a home based job. A home based job does not require you to go to work in an office but work in the comfort of your home. You can have your own home office to do your job or you could work in your living room or even by the pool. Working remotely does not necessarily mean to work at home, but the job can be done anywhere as long as you have internet and your computer with you. A lot of web designers who work remotely are traveling the world and still make money. Remote jobs are not only limited to web designing, but some are writers, consultants or people working in the real estate business or digital marketing. Others are in a more professional field such as doctors, paralegals and lawyers whose services are not needed in person and the job can be done remotely.

4. Online Teaching

Many of those who work and earn online are also teachers or instructors. Teachers need not be in schools or universities. Nowadays, they can also teach online. You can either teach a student directly online, i.e. via Skype or you can record video tutorials which students can access anytime. Some of the topics that can be taught online via video tutorials include building websites, yoga videos, playing an instrument or different types of crafts, i.e. knitting. These videos can be posted on YouTube or other websites such as where you can charge a fee. One of the best ways to teach online is to have your own website where your followers can sign up and access your tutorials anytime.

5. Sell Online

How to Make Money Online While Traveling the World

Many entrepreneurs today do not need to have a physical store to be able to sell. Many online sellers sell their products online such as eBay or Amazon. Selling online also gives you the freedom to enjoy traveling while earning. Also, there’s no need to pay a lot of employees to maintain a store. If you have lots of spare time, you can manage your own online store or outsource someone who will do it for you. Online selling is a trend for both the seller and the consumer as both parties are at their advantage. One does not have to travel or be exhausted with traffic to buy in a physical store when one can order online and have it delivered straight to their doorstep. The seller will have the ease of selling by posting their products online where customers from anywhere in the world can make purchases.

6. Be A Consultant

How to Make Money Online While Traveling the World

If you think you have the ability to give other people advice and give solutions to their problems, then you can become a consultant. Consultants are people who give insights and advice to other people such as businessmen, politicians and other professionals. Mostly a professional seeks for a consultant’s perception regarding an issue because they come to a point where it’s a dead-end for them and consultants can give them new and fresh ideas. Often times, consultancy is done virtually or through phone calls, but there are also times that there is the need to meet. Consultancy can sometimes spoil your vacation mood, but hey! It’s one way to earn a decent amount of money while traveling the world.

To travel is everyone’s goal, to travel around the world is everyone’s dream, but to travel around the world while making money is everyone’s desire. Anyone can do both things at once and live a life with fulfillment.


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4 thoughts on “Fun Ways on How to Make Money Online While Traveling the World”

  1. Hi,

    The way forward in the world economy certainly seems to be revenue from online sales. I also am venturing into this arena through Wealthy Affiliate, and love it so far!

    One thing that I don’t know much about, and might consider in the near future, is vlogging. Being in front of a camera, even though it’s mine, intimidates me a bit. But I guess it’s like anything that you first begin to do – the more you do it, the more at ease you become with it. 

    Do you have a tutorial with tips for new vloggers?

    I really like the principle that the online world affords us, that is: “work smarter, not harder.”

    Thank you for highlighting the options we have these days, and I wish you much success in your efforts. 

    Best regards,


  2. Hi,

    I think the problem is that most people when travelling abroad will want a rest and not think about making money.  The biggest problem I can see is that the internet connection in some countries may not be reliable or may be too expensive. I think about the roaming charges so often hidden on mobile phones, and I can imagine how much this will cost when you come back.

    Saying that, you may do some of your best work aboard  as you will be relaxed and not pressurised into doing thing.  All the suggestions you have made are feasible but I think it is so dependent on how long you are travelling and where you are travelling.

    I found the article to be very interesting.



    • Hi Antonio,

      thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, you would certainly need an internet connection for the ideas stated in this article.

      The good thing about starting an online business (i.e. blogging, affiliate marketing) is that you don’t need a constant internet connection.

      You can certainly work on your online business (i.e. writing blog posts) while you are offline and just connect to the internet in order to post the blogs.

      You are right, some travel in order to switch off from work. Some travel because their online business made them able to travel the world (and are consequently continuing to work on it) and are able to pay for their internet connection through making money online.

      Thanks for your comment.



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